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Electric scooters have become a common sight on the streets of cities around the world. These compact and environmentally friendly transport devices have a long and interesting history that goes back ...

6. September 2023 11:31:31 CEST Durch Xplorer escooter, electric scooter, history, E-scooter

In the past decade, almost $200 billion has been invested globally on mobility to improve transportation. As a result, micro-mobility transport such as electric scooters and e-bikes have grown in majo...

21. Dezember 2020 11:35:08 CET Durch Danica Kovacic escooter, electricscooter, emobility, car, lifestyle, E-scooter

Stable, safe, with style. In short – very popular right now among electric scooters is the Cherokee! The large 8.5-inch wheels make driving very comfortable, and the rear disc brakes safe. Technical s...

30. September 2020 13:08:15 CEST Durch Danica Kovačić escooter, e-scooter, cetificate, UL 2272, safety, e-mobility, E-scooter

Every day, we're getting more and more information about what we should do, how we should do it and why. I'm sure that many times your decision-making process is lost in the flood of our own and under...

29. August 2018 16:52:34 CEST Durch Antonija Jerbić E-scooter

Which one to buy - e-scooter or e-bike?

In previous blogs, we talked about e-bikes and e-scooter, but here we will compare the two and show their real-world functionality.


- affordable

- light...

16. Juli 2018 13:36:10 CEST Durch Martin Matešić E-bikes E-scooter

The number of electric scooters has drastically increased during the last three months.

Is it due to some short lasting techno-trend or something else?

30. April 2018 10:45:00 CEST Durch Martin Matešić E-scooter

Xplorer's e-scooters are equipped with Samsung Li-ion batteries which can last a considerably long time if you take care of them properly.

The average lifetime of a Li-ion battery is between 500 and 10...

16. April 2018 09:23:36 CEST Durch Martin Matešić e-scooter, electric scooter, battery, maintenance, E-scooter