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Advantages of Regular Exercise

23. Mai 2018 16:39:00 CEST

You already know that exercise is good for health. Let's see how good.

Active life is a healthy life - less medical problems, less stress, better sleep, better general mood, more energy. Those are major advantages which can be felt by anyone who exercises regularly, no matter their age and fitness level.

Let's see what are the three major advantages of regular exercise

1. Exercise improves your mood

This is my favorite and it really works. There is no better way of relieving stress than a good exercise ( I personally perform weight training), and I always feel more positive afterward. Physical activity stimulates the production of certain neurotransmitters which improve one's mood and substantially lower stress levels. You won't only feel better, you will also look better and have more self-confidence.

2. Maintenance of ideal body weight

If you would like to lose some extra weight, go for a walk instead of watching TV or spending time on Facebook. That way, you burn extra calories and speed up your metabolism. If you want to be consistent, develop a training regimen and follow it strictly.

3. Exercisers sleep better

Why do soldiers fall asleep so fast? They perform very intense physical exercises every day to be in their top shape. More exercise, better sleep. Good sleep is essential for productivity and concentration. With regular exercise, you will sleep better and also wake up less during the night which will result in better sleep quality.

I hope that this blog will make you exercise more often :-)

Author: Martin Matešić